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Environmental initiatives

Utilizing solar energy

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In February 2011, we installed a solar power generation system at the Osaka Distribution Center (3-5-8 Higashibeppu, Settsu City, Osaka Prefecture)

With 1,140 solar panels installed and maximum electrical at 158.4kw, this system generates part of the electricity that the Osaka Distribution Center consumes.

Introduction of electric vehicles

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In March of 2011, we started using electric vehicles for our sales division.

Sanki Group continues to find ways to help protect the environment even more.

We have introduced specialized vehicles and containers for railfreight.

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In September 2014, we started the railfreight distribution as an environmentally friendly alternative to other means of shipping.

We have produced our own personal container (Model: Eco San-chan) are currently using it at major freight stations nationwide along with a dedicated loading car.

Sanki Group will not neglect its responsibility and will put in the effort to protect the precious and irreplaceable earth.
Environmental initiatives
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