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Greetings from CEO

Since our establishment in May of 1972, we have achieved rapid growth as Sanki Group with facilities nationwide. We are grateful for the guidance and encouragement of all we work with. We have expanded our market and services and are proud to provide a modern logistics service with a management stance of that not only continues to satisfy the needs of our clients, but also anticipates them.

We were among the first to introduce the concept of third-party logistics utilizing the latest in information systems which collectively undertake the flow of the supply chain from purchase to delivery along with transportation. Going forward, we will continue pursuing aims to reduce overall costs in distribution earning the trust of our customers.

First and foremost, we focus on the “person”.

It all starts with creating excellent workers through our employee development programs. Since our founding, we have emphasized employee training and knowledge. As the size of business expands, we never lose sight of what is at the core which is storing your goods and delivering it reliably. These basic things never change.

The driving force behind the quality of Sanki is evident in how each member of our company values these core fundamentals. This force is what will guide our business as we propose new forms of logistics.

Toshiyuki Sugino picture

President 署名_Toshiyuki Sugino


To achieve corporate permanence and growth through comprehensive logistics activities,
To embrace the humanity and happiness of each employee,
It is our mission to be a positive contributor to society.


  • The first reason to work is for yourself and your own motives.
  • The charm of a company is derived from the charm in the collection of individuals a company has.
  • The desire to strive for goals is pure and strong.
  • Be confident in knowing that you are part of the heart that pumps the Japanese economy.
  • Understand that while there are changes over time, there are also things that are immutable.


Name Sanki Group
Founding May 1972
Establishment February 1983
Head Office (Osaka)
5-20-3 Esaka-cho,
Suita city, Osaka
Zip code 564-0063
Tel: +6-6380-3888
Head Office (Tokyo)
9F SANKI Shibakanasugibashi Bldg.
1-4-3 Shiba, Minato city, Tokyo
Zip code 105-0014
Tel: +3-6435-2388
Number of bases 27 bases in various places in Japan.
Company Representative
Board ChairmanKozo Sugino
PresidentToshiyuki Sugino
DirectorMikiko Sugino
Senior Managing Executive OfficerAkihiro Nishida
Senior Executive OfficerMasahiro Kusu
Naoki Okamoto
Takayuki Imai
AdvisorTojo Morinobu
Advisor(part-time)Tetsuo Jozuka
Kenzo Aoki
Masami Takeda
Auditor(part-time)Yoshiaki Nitou
Masumi Mise
Capital 271million JPY
Employee Number 1,400
Sales 15billion JPY

910 Vehicles

Total area of Warehouse: 20,365.46m2
(Osaka*2 bases, Okayama, Hiroshima, Morioka)

Business content
  • 3PL Provider (Optimized supply chain distribution)
  • Suburban, remote (long-distance) large scale distribution on reserve service basis
  • 1Nationwide shipping of small and medium sized lots (Special loading motor truck transportation of LTL permit - Short-distance motor truck Permit No. 1165)
  • Food transport for FC retailers
  • Shipping for temperate climate goods to retail stores
  • Joint delivery of dry foods, alcoholic beverages, and other beverages
  • Transportation of precision instruments (over 80% of vehicles equipped with air suspensions
  • Supply chain logistics and distribution (Picking operations, including storage)
  • Dispatch services for skilled laborers (General Worker Dispatch Permit No. 27-301694)
  • Service dispatch for various areas of work
  • Driver dispatch services (General Worker Dispatch Permit No. 27-301694)
  • Vehicle inspection and maintenance services for automobiles and motor trucks
  • Warehousing (Registration No. 186 ・Registration No. 96)
  • Industrial waste collector and transporter (Osaka Prefecture License No. 2700113081 Permitted by all prefectures in Kinki Region)
  • Heating system installation services and operations for motor vehicles
  • Warehousing for five temperature ranges: ULT (△50℃) / Freezing (△30℃) / Refrigeration (0℃・5℃) / Ambient storage (20℃)
Number of group companies 30

Group Organizational Chart

SANKI Group Organizational Chart


1972 May
Establishment of Sanki Services (predecessor to Sanki Transport Co. Ltd.) in Osaka
1983 February
Establishment of Sanki Transport Co., Ltd. in Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture, commencing nationwide transportation services
1985 September
Establishment of Sanki Line Co. Ltd. to further expand transportation services within the Kinki region.
1991 January
Established Sanki Traffic Co., Ltd. and facility in the Kanto region increasing operations in long-distance transport. (Saitama prefecture)
Established Sanki Co. Ltd., diversifying businesses into car leasing and non-life insurance policies.
1992 November
Established Sanki Line Kyoto Co., Ltd. as a base in the Kyoto area.

1993 August
Established an auto repair garage for vehicle maintenance and private vehicle inspection facility.
1994 October
Established Blue Line Co., Ltd. to further expand transportation services within the Kinki region.
1997 May
Established Sanki Kyushu Co. Ltd. and commenced transportation services in Kyushu.
Established The Sanki Network Transportation Business Cooperative for the purposes of making joint purchases and sales on equipment and other items to members.
Completion of Sanki Group headquarters in Esaka, Suita City of Osaka prefecture
1998 September
Established Tohoku Sanki Traffic Co., Ltd. to further expand transportation services in the Tohoku region and in turn expanding long-distance services nationwide.
2001 June
Established Yokohama branch to expand freezing and refrigerated food delivery services.
Established Kita Osaka sales offices in Settsu City for the purposes of expanding freezing and refrigerated food delivery services.
2002 May
Commenced operation of strategic logistics system using mobile communication network.
Opened Osaka Distribution Center with an area of 12,231.4m2 and a facility of 7,272.727m2 in Settsu City of Osaka prefecture.
Established Tokyo Sales Headquarters in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
2003 September
Installation of freezing / refrigeration warehouse at Osaka Distribution Center

2004 February
Commenced general laborer dispatch services specializing in motor truck operators at Sanki Co., Ltd. (Gen. 27-06-0160)
Obtained ISO9001 certification for head offices (ID No. 152036)
Established Ageo branch offices in Ageo City, Saitama prefecture for the purposes of expanding delivery networks in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area.
Relocated Nagoya sales offices to Komaki City and renamed to Komaki Sales Office.
2005 January
Conducted reorganization of Group companies centering around Sanki Transport Co., Ltd, thus centralizing the branch / sales network.
Started providing more diversified services to individual shippers.
Established Tosu Sales Office in the Kyushu region to commence new services.
2006 January
Changed the name of Sanki Traffic Group (generic), to the Sanki Group for the purposes of becoming a comprehensive logistics company.
Relocated branch (Higashinada ward) to Amagasaki city for the purposes of expansion and renamed Hanshin branch.
2007 September
Established Hirosaki sales offices in Hirosaki city, Aomori prefecture and Akita sales offices in Akita city of Akita prefecture for the purposes of expanding delivery networks in the Tohoku region.
Established Kagoshima sales offices in the town of Aira, Kagoshima prefecture for the purposes of expanding delivery networks in the Kyushu area.
2008 February
Established Koriyama sales offices in Motomiya city, Fukushima prefecture and completed delivery networks for the six prefectures within the Tohoku region.
Established Shizuoka sales offices in the suburbs of Fujieda city in Shizuoka prefecture for the purposes of delivery networks in the Chubu region.
Relocated to neighboring areas to expand the scale of the Saitama branch due to an increase in logistical needs in the greater metropolitan area.
Established Kumamoto sales offices in the town of Ozu in Kumamoto prefecture for the purposes of expanding delivery networks in the Kyushu region.
Renovation of Osaka Distribution Center and commencement of new services
Conducted reorganization of Group companies centering around Sanki Holdings Co., Ltd, for the purposes of streamlining the overall strengths of the Group.
2009 August
Changed the official name of Toshin Co., Ltd. to Sanki Service Co., Ltd. in an effort to expand dispatch services.
Reorganization services in the Chubu region, integrated the Shizuoka sales offices with the Komaki sales offices, reorganization of the Tohoku area and integrated the Koriyama sales offices with the Sendai branch
2010 August
Commenced new services at Sanki Service Co., Ltd. with operations centering on dispatching and contracting works.
Commenced new freezing shipping operations in the Kansai area.
Commenced new chilled goods shipping operations in the Kansai region.
2011 January
Relocated Tosu branch to Kiyama-cho in Saga prefecture and commenced operations.

2012 May
Commemorated the 40th anniversary of the founding of company.
Established Okayama sales offices for the purposes of expanding transportation operations in Chugoku and Shikoku areas.
2013 May
Reopened Yamagata sales offices to cover the Tohoku area with the aim of revitalization after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
2014 January
Renamed the Kawasaki sales offices, Kanagawa sales offices, and Kumamoto sales offices to Kawasaki Branch, Kanagawa Branch, and Kumamoto Branch respectively.
Established Matsue BPO Center, a specialized entity business process outsourcing in Matsue city of Shimane prefecture in an effort to improve internal operations.
※BPO Business Process Outsourcing
Mr. Toshiyuki Sugino appointed to position of president, Mr. Kouzou Sugino appointed chairman of the board
Established Oita sales offices in Oita city of Oita prefecture for the purposes of expanding delivery networks in the Kyushu region.
Established Kumamoto Yatsushiro sales offices in Yatsushiro city of Kumamoto prefecture for the purposes of expanding delivery networks in the Kyushu region.
2015 January
Established Awaji sales offices in Awaji city of Hyogo prefecture for the purposes of expanding delivery networks in the Kansai region.
Established Kita Osaka Distribution Center for the purposes of expanding operations in the Kita Osaka area.
2016 April
Installations established in the Chugoku and Shikoku areas in preparations for operational expansion.
2017 January
Relocated Morioka sales offices to Shimoyatsugi, Yahaba-cho, Shiwa-gun and commenced operations.
Renamed Kumamoto Yatsushiro sales offices to Kumamoto Yatsushiro Branch.
Relocated Okayama sales offices to Minami-ku, Okayama City of Okayama prefecture and commenced operations.
2018 March
Established Hiroshima Distribution Center, Okayama Distribution Center, and Okayama offices for the purposes of expanding fresh foods distribution management in the Chugoku / Shikoku area.
2019 February
Acquired Special loading motor truck transportation of LTL permit for Sanki Transport Co., Ltd. to build a small-lot delivery network nationwide.
2020 November
Relocated head offices of Sanki Holdings Co., Ltd. (formerly SK Co., Ltd.) to the Tokyo head offices.
2021 March
Completion of registration for warehouse installation at the Morioka Distribution Center in accordance with the Warehousing Business Act. (Registration No. 141)
2021 August
Integrated Okayama Distribution Center with the Okayama sales offices with placement of freezing and refrigeration equipment.
2022 June
Kagawa Sales Office established in Utazu-cho of Kagawa Prefecture for the purpose of expanding delivery networks at Chugoku / Shikoku area.
Environmental initiatives
三紀グループ 50周年

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