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Contents of business

Contents of business Introduction

Direct delivery of fresh fish and specialty goods fresh from the farm to your local metropolitan area.

We make small lot deliveries of fruits and vegetables such as cherries and seasonal fish to markets in the metropolitan area as fresh as can be.

Delivery of precision instruments and alcoholic beverages

80% of our fleet is installed with air suspensions. We transport fragile goods in optimum condition.

Transportation with remote areas

We accept remote transportation from rural areas to more populated sectors including the Tokyo metropolitan area, Hanshin area, Chugoku / Shikoku area, and Kyushu area. We also accept the inverse (i.e. metropolitan areas to rural regions).

Office and factory relocation

Dedicated vehicles with retractable power gates functionally support your office and factory relocation needs.

Personal delivery

Our service representative will deliver your shipment of fresh food directly to your home or apartment.

Joint delivery

We conduct joint deliveries of food products from every region of the country to major distributors.

Comprehensive logistics services from storage to delivery

By integrating warehousing and transportation, we provide efficiency. We also accept outsourcing within the distribution department.

Frozen / refrigerated goods and temperature-controlled transportation

We have a large fleet of dedicated vehicles capable of finely tuned temperature control. Additionally, temperature data can be recorded in real-time, ideal for those with a specific need for maintaining freshness.

Worker dispatch specializing in contracted drivers

We understand the importance in controlling costs, especially when it comes to investing in human resources. Even for companies who own their own vehicles, we can dispatch drivers to anywhere in the country.

We are a true logistics company with drivers who prove effective in any situation.

Transport of fresh foods and daily necessities

We are engaged in deliveries for major distribution companies.

ULT・freezer・refrigerated・temperature-controlled warehouse

We can meet the specific storage needs of whatever your shipment requires. From ultra-low temperature required for tuna to delicate chemicals which require a constant temperature, we have warehouses in major cities nationwide.

Listed are service details related to how various orders are handled.

Environmental initiatives
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