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Food transportation

Food transportation

Our operations are handled by skillful drivers with deep technical knowledge of the food transportation industry.

  • Our registered drivers possess technical knowledge of product transportation.
  • Our drivers continue to receive guidance in the latest happenings of the industry as we continue to strive for improvement.
skillful drivers

Installation of relay logistics bases

  • Our relay logistics bases cover 20,365.46 square meters spread out all over Japan. In particular, we operate two relay logistics bases in Settsu city of Osaka prefecture. These facilities contain a freezing/refrigeration warehouse 12,231.4 square meters in area as well as a dry warehouse 6,611.57 square meters in size, enabling us to provide the best in freshness management of your inventory at any given temperature range.
  • In Hiroshima, we have an ultra-low temperature (ULT) and refrigeration/freezing facilities of 5,950.413 square meters and a refrigerating center of 892.562 square meters in Okayama prefecture, which can be used as relay logistics bases in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions of Japan.
  • We also operate a 1,322.31 square meter ambient temperature center in the city of Morioka and a 4,958.678 square meter ULT / freezing / refrigeration center in Sendai (TBA), making it possible to distribute products at all temperature ranges to every corner of the Tohoku region.
  • Our distribution centers perform comprehensive operations for an all-in-one solution. (Including inspection, sorting, and packing)
  • We secure workers for specific tasks within distribution processing such as food packing.

Information about Sanki Group’s food transportation operations

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