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Sanki Group accepts the challenge

Greetings from CEO

The management of fresh food goods in Japanese supermarkets is said to be the best in the world. Did you know that behind every one of them there is a logistics company carefully calculating plans for handling storage and transportation? We are a company specializing in food freshness management systems and we work every day to enrich the local food culture through this management, which is very much a Japanese style all of its own. In order to expand on food freshness management and logistics, everyday we ship and transport food stuffs to various parts of the world. We are eager to come in contact with and train in the tried and true Japanese style of food freshness management and look forward to teaching fellow Nepalese what we had picked up in this country once you return home.

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President 署名_Toshiyuki Sugino

A purpose

At this time, we are implementing a system in Japan to gain work and knowledge for future expansion into Nepal. Why not try learning methods of Japanese freshness management and logistics? Maybe you would like to do what I am doing and eventually play an active part in your home country as a logistics expert.


We will carefully train you through hands-on practical work at the largest distribution centers in Japan.

Let our company train you
Dormitories and scholarships are available
In addition to training, participants receive salary. (up to 80,000 JPY / PM)

Training period

Upon completion of Japanese language training, typically 3-4 years.

Required qualifications

Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 Level, college graduate preferable

Your future career

The training conducted at this time is ahead of plans for future expansion in Nepal. Therefore, there is every reason to believe you can be part of the immediate workforce at our future enterprises in Nepal.

Testimonial from a trainee

I came from Nepal and studied abroad in Japan and had on-the-job training at our distribution center for four years while studying at a Japanese university. There was much to learn about food freshness management. Also, regardless of nationality, there are so many challenges in working well as a team or dealing with ever changing shipment orders. But now as a manager in charge of sorting fresh food at a Japanese major distribution company's XD (Cross Dock) center, I continue to learn more about the Japanese approach to logistics and I get to put it to practice everyday. One day soon a Japanese supermarket is going to expand into my country. I would like the Nepalese people to experience the greatness of Japanese supermarkets by using the knowledge of logistics systems I learned in Japan.

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